KC with the Boys by Liz Brown

Blake and I have come a long way since our first roadtrip last summer. I mean, literally. We've driven lots of miles in my little car. So far, we've successfully roadtripped every season, but this was our first adventure in Kansas City. We drove up early for the Japanese House show at Riot Room and spent the day eating food and drinking coffee and taking photos with Charlie. There are a ton of photos: this is your warning. But they're all of coffee or donuts or Charlie or Blake, so you really can't complain about that.

This first photo is of Joe's, where we had stellar BBQ. From there, we ventured to West Bottoms to get coffee at Blip.


You know you've got good friends when they humour you for a photo like this. I hope I never grow up and always take silly photos and always dance in parking lots and always adventure and always laugh.

No trip to KC is complete without a stop at Doughnut Lounge.

Nearly the entire day was cloudy, but the sun ventured out for just long enough for a few photos with harsh shadows.

When you hold your camera above your head to take photos, sometimes you get some happy accidents.

Charlie took us to a part of town with cute little antique stores and it far too closely resembled the 1975's newest album art for us to pass by without a photo or two.

I'm grateful for these two human. One of the best Tuesdays of the year so far.

Indianapolis by Liz Brown

I hadn't been to Indianapolis since I was born, really. Then this November, we were there a little over 2 days, so I'm splitting the post into sections by days. The photos are relatively chronological; the following is my only photo from Friday. Mostly on Friday we were listening to Jason play and then eating and it wasn't quite the right moment for a photo.

Saturday morning began in our beautiful Airbnb. From there, we ate brunch (some of the best donuts of my life) and went antiquing and thrifting. I found the best denim jacket for $2.99, which you can see in the Sunday part of this post (keep scrolling). 

Saturday's photos ended with a dusky drive. On Sunday morning, after church (the same one my parents went to over 20 years ago!), we drove by the house I came home from the hospital to, then ate and explored Indianapolis one last time. (Photo of me was taken by Sarah.)