Prairie Pirates / by Liz Brown


We called ourselves Prairie Pirates and all wore black jeans and brown boots and flannel shirts and set off on foot across the Midwest. We braved water and thorns and trees and got lost once, but we made it back, all in one piece. A rather successful fall morning adventure.

This is how I feel about running around outside. Tanner took all the photos that I'm in.

Most of the photos are in chronological order.

More and more often, when I'm documenting my "real life" (read: not client work), I'll use disposable cameras. I can stick one in my pocket and I don't have to worry about it if I fall in the water (I tripped and almost did). They're not as "high quality" images, but sometimes I like them better because they feel more like the moments that happened and I want to remember those feelings rather than perfect pictures, you know?