Adulting and New Adventures / by Liz Brown

I woke up this morning in my 3rd state and 2nd timezone in 4 days. I woke up with some adulting decisions weighing heavily on my mind. Decisions I couldn’t put off. Scary decisions. So I went to a coffee shop a few blocks away to read and pray and think. I daresay I don’t spend enough time dwelling. Refreshing my soul and my mind. 

Per the recommendation of the two friendly baristas, a blonde gal in a maroon shirt and fringed boots and a tall fellow with a beard and a gray hoodie, I got the Ethiopian. They let me sample it first, which was the kindest. It is rather berry flavored but much less harsh than many of the fruitier coffees I’ve tried. In addition, Atlas Coffees offers free refills on both for-here and to-go coffee—all day. I’ve never had a coffee place offer refills on to-go coffee, and it might be the best thing.

I’ve been pondering my word for the year: fearlessness. 

I want to learn the places I’m afraid and press through them into something deeper. Something called fearlessness. Something called bravery.

In the past 3 days, I’ve driven over 12 hours across the country by myself and did acro-yoga for the first time (thanks to my friend Elaine for encouraging me to be brave). Both of these things scared me 4 days ago (hoenstly, I didn’t even know what acro-yoga was). But I did them. 

Small bits of bravery. And I’m at it again this morning. I am sitting in the table just to the right of the door, across from the trash and honey and napkins. I picked it for the proximity to the window. That’s usually how I pick my tables. I read a couple emails and made a couple phone calls and I was physically shaking partly from coffee and lack of sleep, but mostly from nerves.

But I did it. Fearlessness. I’m leaning into that word today.