Years and Years: Minneapolis / by Liz Brown

Years and Years-4.jpg

My shutter exploded halfway through Years and Years’ set, so I’m particularly proud of these photos. After shooting, I was afraid I barely had gotten anything good, but as I hesitantly looked through the gallery at my hotel at 2am, I found some shots I am honestly proud of. I often get asked what camera I use, as if having the right gear can make or break your career. I always say the same thing: use what you have, what you can afford, and practice and practice and practice. I hope this gallery and the story of my broken shutter helps illustrate that point: it doesn’t matter so much your gear, but your eye and your willingness to keep going despite difficulties.

Years and Years-6.jpg
Years and Years-9.jpg
Years and Years-13.jpg

The photos after this text section are ones that were affected by the broken shutter. They aren’t the same photos I would’ve gotten otherwise and there were definitely moments I missed as a result of my equipment failure. However, they are presentable and much better than I ever guessed, and I am proud of them.

Years and Years-15.jpg
Years and Years-19.jpg
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