Tour de Compadres: Needtobreathe by Liz Brown

I saw Needtobreathe for the first time about five years ago, opening for David Cook at an outdoor amphitheatre. Prior to seeing them, I wasn't a particular fan, but their live show won me over. Since then I've seen them close to half a dozen times and each time their performance and production has been amazing. This year they released a new album entitled Hard Love. I'm a believer in times of day and places for certain songs (for example, listen Coldplay in the city at dusk), and Needtobreathe hits the spot while driving midday through Kansas with the windows down. Give it a try sometime and you won't be disappointed. 

Once again, for Needtobreathe's set, I was limited in the areas I could shoot from. But, once again, I decided to get creative. They had a superb lighting setup, which made using a prism quite fun.

I isolated parts of this image by literally putting my fingers in front of different parts of the lens. The other images with huge negative spaces I created in the same way: covering the lens with my hand.