Lauren : Carpenter House Shoot / by Liz Brown


To reiterate my last post (in case you missed it--if you saw it, skip down a couple sentences), we began this shoot, planning it to be emo-ish, but then almost immediately afterward, I got obsessed with colour. The result are photos with edgy outfits and bright colours and I'm super proud of how they turned out. Editing has been an area of huge growth for me over the past year and it's exciting to see that tangibly in shoots like this. Shoutout to David Pugh for the lighting and backdrop and co-creative direction. Shoutout to Lauren Penna (pictured) for makeup. Lauren and I have become good friends over the past year and I'm so thankful she moved to Des Moines. This was our first shoot together, but I'm pretty sure it won't be our last! (Last but not least: there's 3 black-and-white photos--click through to see them all!)