LANY / by Liz Brown

These photos are from LANY's show in Omaha last night. I never should have been there and I shouldn't have been shooting. It's a good story.

There are a few bands on my short list to shoot in the near future. Folks like the 1975, James Bay, and Troye Sivan. And LANY. But I didn't have any luck with a photo pass on LANY's  Kinda Tour but I decided to go anyhow. By myself. To sing and dance and wear denim and generally make a fool of myself in the best way. 

Upon hearing I was going to a show, my boss let me off work early. Who does that? Only nicest humans. Driving straight from work, I got to the venue 3 minutes after the first band started. My backpack slung over my shoulder, I entered the dim room and realized 3 things: they didn't check my bag, there was little security, and there was no photo pit. Which meant I could probably shoot from the crowd. I booked it back to my car to retrieve my camera. I posted up on the right side of the room, one hand clutching my camera, one hand clutching my prism, sort of close to the front. 

In front of me was a dad-of-a-teenager aged fellow and when I pulled my camera out, he motioned that I could stand where he was: right next to the stage. And he let me stand there the entire show. Where I shot with my camera. Totally unexpected and entirely grateful. Undeserved. 

Due to my inability to move around, most of my shots are of Paul and Les and from similar angles (sorry, Jake!), but I would be a fool to be disappointed. I didn't expect to get to shoot the tour at all and here I was in the front row with my camera. Grateful, insanely grateful.

LANY, you were lovely. I like you lots.