David / by Liz Brown

David and I became Instagram friends before we became "real life" friends. To back up a couple years, in 2013 I began working at a thrift store. As it turns out, my first day was also Sara's first day. She talked to me during lunch, and from that day forward, she became one of my dearest friends. She and her roommate Kari hosted dinners at their 2-story apartment on Sunday nights, and they invited me. Their living room because such a safe beautiful place that we all desperately needed our first couple years out of college. We longed to be understood, and we found it in that apartment, on couches and floors, over meals and episodes of Downtown Abbey and Once Upon a Time. Over the past year, I saw a couple photo series of Sara and our friend Alex posted online. Beautiful portraits. So I began following the photographer on Instagram. 

About a month ago, I got a message from the same photographer. He was going to be in town: was I free to grab coffee? As it turns out, I'd taken the afternoon off work, which never happens, and I met him at Scenic Route Bakery a few hours later. Yes, you guessed it: the photographer was David. I'm thankful for people who leap over the social media to in-person barrier because you make some great friends that way: just leaping in.


David is from Kanas City, so collaborating has to be intentional. This week he was in town for Thanksgiving, so we spent the afternoon exploring the Art Center and taking photos. He taught me some double exposure tricks, I taught him to free lens, and we played around with a prism. 

The Art Center closed at 4, so despite the rain, we ventured behind the building, and I daresay I got some of my favourite shots of the day during that walk. All in all, it was a swell afternoon.