Ben Rector / by Liz Brown

There was so much joy and dancing on this stage and it makes my heart happy. You better believe I was multi-tasking: dancing, singing, and shooting. Then after my three songs, I stood on the right side of the crowd with my backpack--and kept dancing.

The couple in front of me, perhaps high school age, swung and spun and dipped each other, like they were alone in the room and it was adorable and perfect. They knew every song and sang along, sometimes to each other, sometimes towards the stage.

I danced like someone who can't dance and that was perfect, too.

Life is too short not to live deeply and exuberantly.

Dance everywhere and all the time. In the grocery store. In the parking lot. In your car. In the photo pit. With backpacks and without. If you're happy and you know it--dance.