Abby at the Art Museum / by Liz Brown

I met Abby a few weeks ago at an art opening. We talked for quite some time, and have been friends ever since. Recently we went to the Des Moines Art Center to explore, check out the newest exhibit, and shoot some film. This whole post is film (portra 400, if I recall).

Abby has rad style and is full of ideas. I'm constantly surprised in the best way by the new people I meet in this city.

One of the gallery workers told us all about this sunflower display, but I don't recall all the details. He said that they were ceramic, hand-painted, and designed by a Chinese artist. The whole display was originally together when it opened, but since them the sunflowers have been separated and sent to different museums; the Des Moines Art Center only has a fraction of the pieces.

Greens on film are some of my favorites. You can't capture this digitally.