photo credit:  Blake Van Houten

photo credit: Blake Van Houten

Liz Brown

I'm a storyteller, creator, and adventurer.

I drink too much coffee and change my hair every few months. Currently I live in Iowa, but I've traveled the world and don't plan on stopping now. Words, denim, donuts, maple lattes, mom jeans, the idea of having a bunny, and humans are some of my favourite thing. Speaking of words...

Why "estorie" (est'-or-ee)? I strive to live and to tell honest stories, ones of struggle and hope and joy. "Story" comes from the Anglo-French word "estorie." The world itself has a story and I like that.

I want use these pictures and these words to visually tell a story, whether that be an adventure in West Bottoms, making breakfast with your family on a Wednesday, or creating music with your best friends. Each day is a story, each person is a story, and each person is important and worthy of being remembered. People are important; therefore portraits are important and stories are important. I love working with people, with organizations, with brands. Ideas are my jam, so if you have one, let me know! Let's make it happen. Thanks for reading a bit of my story. If you have any questions or just want to tell me some of your own story, email me! I like people.


November 2016: the band Joseph's live EP "On the Road Jo" cover

September 2016: Rachael Ray Magazine, featuring Doughnut Lounge

September 2016: promotional material for Eisley's fall tour

February 2016: DSM Magazine feature on the Des Moines Girl Gang

February 2016: Paste Magazine, in an article about the best bars in Missouri, featuring Doughnut Lounge

November 2015: featured 4 stories from the 30,000 photos on the #storyportrait hashtag. One of Liz's photos was chosen and featured. 

October 2015: photographer for Steven Hayes' debut book--Too Good to be True: Understanding the Love of God

October 2015: featured on, Princeton University's fashion magazine


Interscope Records . Redbull Records . Iowa Architect Magazine . Des Moines Art Festival . Hinterland Music Festival . 80/35 Music Festival . Walnut Creek Church . Doughnut Lounge . Goldfinch Restaurant . Westport (band) . Society of Broken Souls (band)

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