photo credit:  Blake Van Houten

photo credit: Blake Van Houten

Liz Brown

I'm a storyteller, creator, and adventurer.

I drink too much coffee and change my hair every few months. Currently I live in Iowa, but I've traveled the world and don't plan on stopping now. Words, pairing dress pants with t-shirts, dark chocolate from Aldi, maple lattes, the band Bleachers, the color yellow, the feeling of arriving, and humans are some of my favourite thing. Speaking of words...

Why "estorie" (est'-or-ee)? I strive to live and to tell honest stories, ones of struggle and hope and joy. "Story" comes from the Anglo-French word "estorie." The world itself has a story and I like that.

Pictures and these words tell a story, whether that be an adventure in West Bottoms, making breakfast with your family on a Wednesday, or creating music with your best friends. Each day is a story, each person is a story, and each person is important and worthy of being remembered. People are important; therefore portraits are important and stories are important. Some of my favorite projects involve light, color people, organizations and businesses, empathy, human connection, and brands. Crazy 2am "let's changed the world or create something beautiful" ideas are my jam, so if you have one, let me know! Let's make it happen.

If you have any questions or want to tell me some of your own story, email me here! I like people.


May 2018: an untitled article and photos published in Decorated Youth magazine

Winter 2017/2018: an article published in Iowa Architect Magazine, "AIA Young Architect Award," regarding architect Danielle Hermann 

Summer 2017: an article published in Iowa Architect Magazine, "Downtown Des Moines' Scenic Route," regarding Scenic Route Bakery

Spring 2017: an article published in Iowa Architect Magazine, "A Destination," regarding the 350 E. Locust project

November 2016: the band Joseph's live EP On the Road Jo cover

September 2016: a photo published in Rachael Ray Magazine, featuring Doughnut Lounge

September 2016: photos used for promotional material for Eisley's fall tour

Fall 2016: an article and photo published in Iowa Architect Magazine, "80/35 Flux Pavilion," regarding the 350 E. Locust project

March 2016: photos published in DSM Magazine feature on the Des Moines Girl Gang

February 2016: a photo published in Paste Magazine, in an article about the best bars in Missouri, featuring Doughnut Lounge

November 2015: featured 4 stories from the 30,000 photos on the #storyportrait hashtag. One of Liz's photos was chosen and featured. 

October 2015: cover artwork for and photos published in for Steven Hayes' debut book, Too Good to be True: Understanding the Love of God

October 2015: photos featured on, Princeton University's fashion magazine


Interscope Records . Redbull Records . Iowa Architect Magazine . Des Moines Art Festival . Hinterland Music Festival . 80/35 Music Festival . Pepperharrow Farm . Walnut Creek Church . Doughnut Lounge . Goldfinch Restaurant . Westport (band) . Society of Broken Souls (band)

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