Father, Forgive Me by Liz Brown

Hi God,
There's a lot of death lately.
Every time I open the internet
There's bombs flying and
Moms dying and
I don't know what to say anymore
I don't know what to pray anymore
I don't know what to feel anymore
I've been thinking about grief and life and
Maybe if loss is what connects us.
Loss and life
Loss of life
Maybe there's a hope we will
Find it again
Will they find it again?
Why is death so much easier to define than
And why
Is going to much easier than staying
Promise me
You won't laugh if I tell you
Some days I'm afraid
Some days I listen to
Fast songs
Because it's hard to
Think, to
Feel, to
Remember death is real
And that's where we are headed
The unknown
Is scary
Being known
Is scary
Sometimes I just wish for something
Easy, something
Is that wrong, God? 
I don't want to give up
I just want to
Sit down
For a minute?
Will you sit with me?
Will you promise I won't
Fall behind
Fall away
Fall apart
If I just rest here for a second? 
Will you remember me? 
Forgive me even, for
I don't know what I'm doing

Eternity and My Desire to Be Remarkable by Liz Brown

Maybe writing is your Thing
I've been told
Eh maybe
I've answered
Thanks but
No thanks
Writing isn't sexy just like
Staying isn't sexy
We're all scared to be forgotten
So we want to be
Draw me like a
French girl
Write me up a
Wikipedia page
Name drop me in
Make me famous
Make me proud
Make me bright and loud and
Anything but quiet
Anything but staying
Anything but writing
Anything but this quiet
I'm supposedly
Good at. 
Whatever that means. 
However I forget that
Words last
There is
In this pen
I write with my soul in my hands and maybe
Is remarkable
That is
Even if I am

Preposition or Emotion by Liz Brown

How do you know
if you are IN love
and not just,
you know,
AROUND love or
ABOUT love or
some other preposition
with a different meaning
Please tell me
Is this
faulty grammar or a
faulty heart?